Friday, July 3

Over the Air Tv Listings

If you miss the over the air tv listings, then you are a part of the population who doesn’t underestimate this TV Guide On Screen feature which was meant for digital TV to receive schedules on a simple program grid. This feature is now obsolete but was in fact very useful as it helped users now what to watch and when. The listings were developed by Gemstar-TV Guide. The schedules used to appear since 2006 and were available for digital tv sets for products from LG, Pioneer, Sony, Panasonic, and Toshiba.

The fade out of the listings started when Macrovision bought the company and, when Macrovision changed its name to Rovi, they decided to send a brief message to users through their TV Sets in which they claimed that they will definitely shut down the broadcast schedules.  

The decision was made due to the fact that Rovi didn’t make an agreement with the broadcast data service. The license with companies such as PBS and CBS expired and they didn’t renew. This means that there is no possible way in which the company can offer the data to its users. The shutdown will be done progressively and, by the end of April, there will be no TVGOS with program guides left.  

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